Foto Domenico Budano

From six generations the family Budano have the passion of the vineyard and its sublime creature "wine", not forgetting the modern winemaking techniques but with a strong connection to the ancient traditions of Abruzzo.

The farm Budano, named "Bear", originated in the early of 800 in Ortona. The name "Bear" originated from his grandmother Ursula. Since the early of 800 cultivations of vineyards were varieties of Moscato, Malvasia and Montepulciano, today, itís the pride of our region Abruzzo.

... in 1887 the great grandfather Domenico Budano, in addition to making wine, he opened a shop for sale in the district Tamarete (Ortona) until the early twenties of 900. The workshop was moved in Via Sofia by his son Luigi, where he remained until 1952, after in Via Tripoli by his nephew Domenico until 1959. With the increase in land ownership in 1960 the shop was closed. On the death of his father Luigi, the son Domenico in 1961 bought new lands in Arielli where he moved with his family ...

Today, by Mr. Roberto Budano and his young family, the farm cultivates some 17 hectares of vineyards located in the territories Arielli (CH), Ortona (CH) and Nocciano (PE), varieties of Pecorino, Chardonnay, Trebbiano d'Abruzzo and Montepulciano d 'Abruzzo.

Domenico Budano